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The Void (Rental) $125.00

You find yourself in a shapeless void. A dimension without shape or form. Haze in all directions. There is a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. A shipping crate appears as if out of thin air. Unfortunately, it is locked. Do you have what it takes to escape?

The Void escape experience is somewhat like an escape room delivered to your home. Solve the puzzling items in the crate to figure out where exactly you’re trapped in order to escape.

Please read the FAQ before making a reservation.

Highlighted dates are currently available

Delivery and Pickup Location

Times will be arranged with you, and are typically between 1:00pm and 6:00pm. If your city is not listed, please contact us before booking

Our free delivery area is Redmond, Bellevue, and Kirkland $0.00
Free Pickup in Redmond — You must contact us in advance. $0.00
Delivery to Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond Ridge $25.00
Delivery to Mercer Island, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Newcastle $25.00
Delivery to Renton $40.00
Delivery to White Center, Tukwila, Southcenter, Renton Highlands $50.00
Delivery to West Seattle area, Interbay, Magnolia, Ballard area $60.00
Delivery to Northgate to Kenmore, Kingsgate to Bothell $50.00
Delivery to Alderwood and Lynnwood area $60.00
Delivery to Seattle (other than areas listed above) $40.00
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