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Escape Experience Rules

  • TAKE reasonable precautions when using any and all provided materials and tools and when holding and manipulating components to avoid breaking or damaging anything.
  • DO NOT use any tools which are not provided with the Experience on any of the components of the Experience.
  • DO NOT attempt to take apart, dismantle, or disassemble any component of the Experience.
  • DO NOT try to force any component of the Experience, including but not limited to locks, doors, covers, lids, containers, and compartments.
  • DO NOT write or mark on any component of the Experience unless given explicit instructions to do so.
  • DO NOT use any component of the Experience in a way that might cause harm to myself or another participant.
  • USE two hands to lift any heavy objects and have two people lift any object which is heavier than one person can lift, including if it is too heavy to lift under certain circumstances such as up or down stairs.
  • NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. While playing the Experience, players must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in any way which impairs the ability to maintain safety awareness, or which endangers others.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK. Players must not have food or drink at the same table as any Experience materials.
  • NO PETS. Players must keep pets away from all Experience materials.
  • NO CHILDREN UNDER SIX. No child under age six is allowed to interact with any part of the Experience.
  • ALL CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED. Children age six and up must be supervised at all times.
  • FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. All players must follow all instructions provided with or for the Experience, whether delivered in writing, via email, via this web site, orally, or in any other manner.
  • NO SPOILERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Players must not post any photos on social media that show any component within the Experience (photos of the outside are ok).
  • PUT THINGS AWAY WHEN FINISHED. Players must put away the components of the Experience after play is complete, in accordance with the provided Reset Guides.
  • REPORT PROBLEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Players will report any problems with components of the Experience or with resetting the Experience as soon as possible.
  • RETURN ON TIME. Players will return the Experience on time so that others can enjoy it at their scheduled time.

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