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Note: Minor revisions have been applied on an ongoing basis so not all errata applies to all copies

Errata for The Librarian's Almanaq

Light Printing. Some copies of The Librarian's Almanaq have been misprinted, causing some of the images necessary for the Opening Puzzle to be very light or invisible. If your copy is misprinted, click here for more information.

Puzzle Hunt edition. The initial release of The Librarian's Almanaq had a few errors. Errata is on this page.

Errata for the The Conjurer's Almanaq

Page 141. The first enumeration at the bottom of the page should be 3 8, not 3 9.

Page 169. "Paramibo" in the next to last paragraph should be "Paramaribo".

Limited Edition Only, Page 203 (Nexus). The grid has an error that may affect solving and should be replaced by this grid.

Errata for the The Morgue

Page 4. The third correction starting with "Revolutions Revealed..." is missing the following text at the end: "USA Today regrets the error."

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