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Custom Puzzles & Puzzle Designs

We create custom puzzles and puzzle designs for escape rooms, escape experiences, and special events. Whether it's an entire escape room, a single physical puzzle, or a puzzle that's printed on a single sheet of paper, whatever your need, whatever the occasion, we can create an appropriate puzzle or event just for you.

Escape Rooms, Escape Experiences and Puzzle Events

  • We can create entire, unique escape experiences and escape rooms, start to finish, based on a theme of your choosing or we can propose themes. We can deliver a design which you build out, or we can do it for you. We don't build walls, but we can work with contractors who do.
  • We can create unique physical puzzles to enhance an off-the-shelf escape room, or to refresh an existing room.
  • We can create a custom portable escape room for teams for large-scale events such as a company picnic (you provided the space). These rooms typically run between 15 and 60 minutes per team.
  • We can create custom puzzlehunts (like a puzzle-based scavenger hunts), for your next company picnic, team building activity, or other event. Unlike escape experiences and escape rooms, puzzlehunts can be solved by multiple teams simultaneously. We can create puzzles suitable for any age or age range.
  • We can create embedded puzzles for you or your company which are part of your location, through such techniques as artwork painted on the walls, information embedded in existing signage, or the layout of your carpeting or foliage.

Custom Puzzles

These are either paper-and-pencil puzzles or physical puzzles solved by individuals or small groups. We can provide standard puzzles that are customized as well as completely custom puzzles for a variety of purposes:

  • Give a puzzle to someone to mark a birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc. Puzzles can be customized to the recipient, ether with their knowledge or as a surprise.
  • Send out a paper puzzle as an invitation to an event, with information about the event revealed by the solution (you might want to include the solution for non-solvers).
  • Hand out a puzzle at an event. For example, provide a puzzle to out-of-town guests at a wedding.
  • Hold a contest with the puzzle containing the answers, or information on how to enter or win a contest.
  • Put a crossword in your organization's publication, newsletter, annual report, etc.

In many cases, licensing rights can be purchased for custom puzzles to allow you to distribute them.

Puzzle Types

We can create puzzles of almost any type, including:

  • Physical puzzles in wood and acrylic
  • Physical puzzles made out of existing objects
  • Crosswords
  • Cryptic Crosswords
  • Sudoku, Wordoku, and Whodoku
  • Word Search
  • Acrostic
  • Trivia
  • Cryptogram


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