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  The Conjurer’s Almanaq by The Great Qdini (Roy Leban and Emily Dietrich)
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If you desire the secrets of the universe, THIS book is what you’re looking for — it IS, quite literally, the only resource you will ever need to lead A rich life of magic and power. Straight from the steel-TRAP mind of The Great Qdini, you’ll learn how to create potions, cast spells, DO all sorts of tricks, and even  harness the power of the Earth itself. You will NOT believe how much power you will have after you’ve READ this sine qua non of the conjuring arts.

Roy Leban, creator of The Librarian’s Almanaq, is a lifelong puzzle constructor with thousands of puzzles and dozens of books to his credit. His puzzles have appeared in the New York Times, GAMES, and a multitude of other newspapers, books, and collections around the world. He has also created numerous physical puzzles and games. Between puzzles, Roy founded puzzle technology company Puzzazz. Earlier in his software career, he built groundbreaking products in desktop productivity, web publishing, early tablet computers, and interactive education, shipping more than 30 products over the years. Emily Dietrich wrote her first poems when she was six and has gone on to become a novelist, poet, and essayist. She is the author of Holding True, a novel about a group of civil rights activists from the ’60s to today, and the story author of The Year of Puzzles. Her previous publications include The Case of the Missing Mask and Other Stories (a book of puzzle mystery stories), as well as pieces in Ms. Magazine, Historic Women of Michigan, SeattleWoman, Seattle’s Child, and elsewhere. Emily is a Green Griffin.


The Conjurer’s Almanaq was launched through a Kickstarter campaign that ended in January, 2018. The Limited Edition finished shipping on December 13th, 2018.

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